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    Expert Tips to Correct Vastu with Structure Demolition

    There may be countless of properties which were constructed several years back and are still there. Some of these properties are now used as residences, and some are acting as a corporate space for the business. You will come across few experts who will suggest not going for the demolition of the structure to remove Vastu Dosh, as this will create Vastu Bhang Dosha and suggests some remedies which can be applied for correcting Vaastu Dosh without demolition. There is another set of experts who recommend going for the demolition of that particular part of the house or property which is creating a barrier for the well being and success of the owner.

    Our renowned Vastu Shastra expert Mr. Anil Gupta always suggest correcting Vastu with demolition, wherever serious defects (dosha) prevails, and structural changes are unavoidable without demolition,as this gives better results to property owners. He is an active follower of VaastuShastra and is known as Scientific Vastu Consultancy and FengShui Expert Professional locatedin Delhi.

    Demolition of Partial Structure to Remove Vastu Dosha Tips

    Examples of Vastu tips for Vaastu correction with demolition of Structure when unavoidable, suggested in very extreme cases:-

    A. Having stairs or even a toilet in the northeast corner of a property is considered inauspicious as per Vastu, and it is advisable to remove the same from the location. Few Famous Vaastu Consultants will insist to retain the structure and do Shanti puja or place some other things to block the space. But such remedies will not last long. Our Skilled Practitioner, Anil Gupta, recommend demolishing the structure and this is the best approach as per Vastu Principles. If the still client is not willing to demolish the same, then we make a physical visit to the property to find some way out of balancing negative energy.

    B. If at the south west corner you have a well in most of the cases it is suggested to either remove the same or close it through some temporary method. But our Master ji Gupta, recommend filling the well with stones or mud entirely to avoid any negative effect on the property as well as the people residing in that property. With the help of 'vastu with demolition services' one can avail feasible cheap demolition suggestions and remove vastu dosh.

    Some of the suggestions may appear as difficult to adapt for the property owners, but if the little effort can be made to demolish the structure and incorporate something auspicious in that location, 100% chances are there then one will experience positivity in life. Suggestion for demolition is not only applicable for residential properties but also for commercial units having offices, showrooms, shops, etc.

    The position of the doors, walls, God's place, furniture, kitchen, Boss chair, sitting arrangements, Mirror, etc needs to be done following the principles of the science of Vastu Shastra. Our Master Guru is offering services related to Vastu for offices in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia,UAE, Indonesia, USA and India and also for Vaastu for residential home in India, Asia region.

    About services of Master Anil Gupta:

    Being a Leading & Renowned Vaastu Shastra Consultant in Delhi, with 26 Years of experience in the industry of Vastu Practice & Extensive Research, he guides each of his clients with absolute care and with full attention. If you are getting a feel as if the existing property you have or even one you purchased recently is not giving you much good luck in your family life and career then it's an indication you need the assistance of one of the Best Vaastu Consultant, Anil Gupta. He offers advice:

    By visiting the site
    Over Skype
    Email Consultation
    Chamber Visit

    So far Anil Ji Guided many people from India and across the globe for Vastu Improvement with demolition, and each of them gets back to us with a positive remark. If you are facing such problem and seek the assistance of our Consultant, Gupta, then feel free to call us to book the appointment for any of the above mood of consultancy. Renovating the property following Vastu guidelines will bring happiness, prosperity, and success for an individual and business. Our mission is to help you with a happy environment which is Vastu proficient.

    Trust on Vastu Shastra Expert Tips of our Master jiand get 100% assured success for your business and happy and prosperous life for your family. We are always making researches on the undiscovered hidden secrets of Vaastu Shastra to serve you better. Connect with us Today.

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