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    About Vastu Shastra

    The positive energy flow which results in an abundant increase in productive life is none other than the Vastu Shastra. Providing the best Vaastu consultancy service Mr. Anil Gupta is the senior advisor in Delhi who guides with the perfect technical and traditional approach. He has an unmatched experience as a Vastu consultancy in India and provides the vaastu expert tips for home, office, etc using the best Urjas and digitalized technology.

    His perfect knowledge has made him different, and so he is recognized Vaastu advisor for the industries based in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Indore and Punelike many more cities of India. Vastu Dosha makes not only loss of wealth but also brings negativity, health problems and disturbance in routine life

    About Mr. Anil Gupta, Delhi Vaastu Expert

    Practicing for almost eighteen years, he is successfully enlightened with the number of achievements and driven positive results only. Besides guiding in India, he also helped to remove the Vastu dosha through the practical tips of Vastu for office in Singapore, USA, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, UK, Hong Kong, Russia and Indonesia.

    Vastu/Vaastu Shastra is an ancient study of science and structure where the small things also matter. It is related to the placement, construction, plants, direction things according to the latest technological updates and logics.

    Anil Gupta the Scientific Vastu shastra Consultancy services, ' Delhi Vaastu Expert ' & 'FengShui' professional guide with perfect logic and scientific reasons that are combination of five elements namely:

     • Fire

     • Water

     • Wind

     • Earth and

     • Space

    Called Together as Panch Mahabhut.

    Before the establishment of any new place, the best vaastu expert or consultant makes a proper study of the direction (DISHA). Vaastu principles are being followed at the buildings construction time, and several examples there are to quote for the buildings designed as per Vaastu-reaping rich dividends by understanding the direction of science. In the countries like Singapore, Japan, China and more the Vastu Concepts adhere firmly before the starting of any new industrial residence which is called Feng-Shui. In this, the direction of the Wind and Water are adequately studied, and buildings are constructed as per the strongly Vaastu norms to get positive aspects of this nature.

    Vastu Remedies without Demolition

    The renowned temple Tirupati Balaji, Chennai is designed on the Vastu norms and principles entirely, by the great Vaastu Consultant Sh. Vishkarmaji. He was the Vastukar, consultants of Gods and so the temple is known as the richest temple. The active magnetic effect of Vaastu is seen in the temple as N numbers of devotees come to offer their prayers and have strong beliefs. No one ignores Vaastu and if ignored lots of difficulties are faced.

    Taking the all four corners East, West, North, and South into the consideration a rough sketch is made using the compass or marking the East direction from where the sun rises. After knowing the path correctly, the Vaastu dosh remedies are taken. It ensures the building structure proper as per Vastu without demolition. The proper idea is offered by the expert who provides Vastu for factory construction Asia as well.

    To get a positive result of your health, business improvement and all over the Vaastu improvement without demolition always seek an expert advice. Following the technology advancement and as per Vaastu if you are planning to get your own residential or official place get served by the most eminent and affordable Vaastu consultant in India Mr. Anil Gupta.

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