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    Residential Building Vaastu Consultancy 

    House or Griha Vastu is essential as it is one such place where effects of daily life can be best understood. Even in the case of residential building constructed by reputed builders, attention needs to be given so that each unit in the project remains Vastu Compliant. For residential building vaastu consultancy services trust only expert vaastu consultant. 

    It may be the case that few residents of the project may get feelings that if certain changes can be made in some specific portions, then that can enhance the prosperity. In some cases, it may give the result, and in many cases, you will see no improvement. In case you are looking for making alterations in the residential house then do it completely based on the principles of Vastu Shastra for getting positive results.

    Rectangle or Square or Gaumukhi Shape Plot for Residential Houses

    Residential Building vaastu means we need to check the placement of project and then only the unit which will be ideal for us. ANIL GUPTA is Renowned and Famous Indian Vastu Consultant in Delhi, having 18 Years of Successful Practice & Extensive Research on the subject.

    His Vastu Services India helped many builders in getting success for some specific projects for which they have taken advice before construction of residential houses. Starting from selection of land to the direction of the units and its private arrangements all are planned based on the suggestion of our Masterji.

    Gaumukhi shape plot is very very auspicious & best for residential building vaastu compliant construction. It is called Gaumukhi shape as its front face is shorter in length than rear face. The gaumukhi shape land looks like a cow mouth, narrow at the front and wider at the rear side. Square or Rectangle shaped is also good for constructing residential houses and Not Sher-mukhi as per vaastu principles. These builders achieved immense success because of Anil Ji's advice and also gave a chance to enjoy a blessed life to the residents of the projects.

    The eight directions of a residential project help in controlling five elements and bring fortunes for the Builders as well as the residents. Vastupooja is a must for all residential plots big or small. The puja is performed by our guruji personally in the exact venue of the project in the presence of the builders.

    If a residential project is planned based on the principles of ' residential building vaastu rules ', the residents will enjoy supreme happiness in life. But if it falls prey to go against Vastu principals, problems, worries and lack of peace will be seen in the life of the builder as well as residents.

    For better guidance and advice on Vastu for Residential Building avail consultation from our Vaastu Guruji. His Vastu Shastra Expert Tips will help you in launching a successful residential project. You can opt for Onsite consultation, Skype consultation, email consultation and even personal consultations in face to face meeting. Book your appointment today and get benefitted.

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