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    Vastu Consultancy for Farm house Construction

    Many people prefer to stay close to nature and love investing in a farm house. Especially having such property is very high among people who are in agriculture business. The good physical location is just not enough to decide a farm house construction  best for investment. Application of Vastu Shastra is equally important in this case too.

    While choosing the plot for farm house, avoid a plot which is positioned with a road on its south. Our Vastu consultant, Anil Gupta ji always suggests going for such plots having the flat surface for the construction of farm house. means choosing the right plot according to vastu for farm. If in case you need to select one having a slope, then ensure that it falls towards East, North East or to North of the plot. Anil Ji strictly asks to avoid buying land which is having a slope in the south or south west direction. Our MasterJiis known for his excellent advice and recommendations on Vastu for home in India/ residential.

    Farmland Vastu shastra Guide for Constructing Farm-House

    Farmland Vastu Shastra Expert Tips helped many in making the correct investment on the farm landfor construction of farmhouse. Being one of the noted Scientific Vastu Consultancy and FengShui Expert Professional Delhi, Mr. Anil Gupta also ensures that he shares feasible and practical advises to his clients, implementing which is not so difficult for them. He suggests clients select farm land plot, be it in acres or bighas, in Square or Rectangle shape with extension in the North East direction, as this is auspicious as per Vastu.

    If you are looking for Vastu GuruJi's guidance for your farmhouse investment, then you can consult him with the map of the plot. In case you already had one and found it inauspicious for you then take the appointment for the physical visit of Anil Ji. He will make a physical survey of the land or property and will share your advice which you need to implement to reduce the adverse effects of the property. Various Vastu Dosh Nivaran techniques are available which will be suggested by Anil Ji.

    For more guidance and assistance regarding farm land according to vastushastra, you can fix a Skype consultation appointment or can meet him personally in his chamber.

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