Colors for Your Home as Per Vastu Shastra

While talking about Vaastu for home we generally focus on the directions, gates, kitchen the corner, temple etc but do you know that the colors for your home As per Vastu Shastra is an essential factor.

These are small but crucial Vastu tips for home which helps to multiply your happiness. Psychologically the color plays an important role and it is also related to the emotions of the people so to create the balance, and get the healthy life.

Here is a small chart of colors that represents which color should be used in which place.

  • North East: Light blue
  • East: White/ light blue
  • South-east: It is fire related to the colors like pink, orange, and silver are the perfect
  • North: Green or Pista
  • North-west: It’s an airy area so grey or cream is the best fit
  • West: It is the water-related place so white or blue is the perfect choice
  • South-west: Peach, light brown, mud is the best shades
  • South: Pick either yellow or Red

Although the color chart is there when the specifications rise as per the age the color must be selected as below:

  • Master room: It is generally in the south-west direction so it is peach color but you can use blue color.
  • Guest Room: North West is the best direction so the cream is the perfect color.
  • Children Room: North West is the perfect space as it is space of the moon and so it must be white or cream. Since kids love the color you can get some wallpaper, stickers and more.
  • Kitchen: Southeast is the perfect space and so it must be orange or red in color.
  • Bathroom: North-west is the bathroom space and white is the perfect color.
  • Hall: since it’s an open space and yellow color is the perfect and suitable one.
  • Lastly, the Exterior: off-white and orange or yellow is the best option.

 The Vastu tips for home brings the best solutions to get the perfect color for your house.  

Tips of Vastu Shastra for Home Entrance how it Affect?

The sound of positivity brings happiness, health and wealth! All these come through the Main door home entrance, so the vastu tips for the home entrance equally matters and plays a vital role.

According to the famous Vaastu Consultant “Anil Gupta” the main door flow cosmic energy and brings luck so starting from it as per the Vastu norms is essential. It is the first impression zone and a place of the prime importance.

Placement and Opening suggestions:

Checking the opening face it must be in the east, west, north or the north-east direction. The south, south-west, south-east, North-west like side should not be considered however if there is no option corrections are possible. For the north-west using a brass pyramid or helix is considered and for the south-east direction, the copper helix is used. The gates must be bigger than any other gate of the house as it is the main entrance gate and should open in a clockwise manner.

Note: If there are any 3 gates in a parallel way it is the biggest Vaastu defect which losses wealth and happiness.

Quality and material of the Main Door:

Well, we all know that a high quality and heavy material the main door is the best for the safety reasons similarly the color and material to be used is also a factor which is valued according to the vaastu. The directions play a crucial role in it, however, the wooden door is the most appropriate and perfect for all. For the south side, there must be metal and wooden combined gate, the west side has the metallic piece, the north side must have a silver color, and the east one must have wood and metallic adorned gate.

Putting the pants and decorating using swastika or Om is a good sign. Never use the red color light as its again a sign of negativity. Following these small Vastu tips in the home makes you bring happiness. You can reach the best Vastu consultant and get the perfect space for you.

Vastu Tips for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where people make their food to fulfill their appetite and satisfy their hunger. If you are eating nice quality of food and even then you are getting caught by the diseases, then there is something wrong with the environment of your home. The kitchen is the place where food is cooked, and if that place is filled with negativity, then the family members won’t be able to remain healthy.


Advantages you get after visiting the Vastu consultant

  • No illness

When you choose to contact the best Vastu consultant, then you will be able to get the various Vastu tips for home which will enable you to get rid of all types of illnesses.

  • Prevention of medicines

No one love medicines in this world but it becomes necessary for the people to take medicines when they are suffering from any disease and if you are also suffering from any conditions, then you might need to get some Vastu tips for your kitchen.

  • Happy life

With a healthy body, one can start living a healthy life, and if you are interested in getting a healthier life, then you can contact the best vastu consultant anytime.

  • Various tips

The Vastu consultants are highly experienced, and they have vast knowledge about the multiple suggestions which would enable you to live a healthier and happier life.

Contact anytime

The Vastu consultant is always available for their customers. One can just go to the official website of the trusted and well-known consultant, and then they can get an appointment with the consultant. After meeting with the consultant or expert, you will be able to start feeling the change in your life, and you can apply the tips which the expert will tell you.

Excellent, Vastu Tips for Students for a Better Career

For living a better life, it is necessary that all the people believe in some of the powers which may not be considered by the majority of people. Everyone suffers from various problems, but it will be better than you find out the solution for your problems instead of experiencing for a long time. One can contact the vastu consultant for getting the solutions to problems in their life.

vastu tips for student

Why do the students need to take help of the Vastu consultant?

  • For getting better marks

To get better marks in exams, the students can consult with the best consultant who can enable the students to learn various types of Vastu expert tips.

  • For concentration

By getting the best Vastu tips, the level is automatically increased because the experts know the various room architectural methods for the better concentration of students.

  • For removing negative thoughts

Sometimes, negative thoughts might stop you from concentrating in your studies, and for getting rid of the negative thoughts, one can contact to the best Vastu consultant.

How will the students get benefitted from these Vastu tips?

  • Positive environment

For getting a positive environment in your study room, you can contact the Vastu consultants in India.

  • Ease of learning topics

Learning questions and answers become easy when you choose to learn new vastu tips and techniques which would enable you to learn the questions and answers easily.

  • Clearing paper with high marks

If you want to top in your class, then you will need to know that the Vastu tips can help you in getting highest marks. After consulting the best vastu expert, you will be able to know about various tips and techniques which can enable any student to get high marks in their college.

Vaastu Tips Suggested for Farmhouse Success

In olden days our forefathers use to concentrated on farms, fields, and farmhouse. Now the new generation is concentrating more on computers as it’s a digital age, we are forgetting about the farmhouses and farmers. But sometimes we all miss those old days when we use to enjoy the farm life in the farmhouse and village activities. We all have passed of the enjoyment of farmhouses, agricultural field, and village experience. Most of the villagers and farmhouse owners are now looking for Vaastu consultancy for farmhouse construction to bring the luck and prosperity to their houses. Below are such few tips:

1.) When you are selecting the plot for the farmhouse avoid the land which has a road on the South.

2) It is highly recommendable to buy the plot which has a flat surface. It at all it has slope it should be towards East, Northeast or North. Never buy the land having a slope at the South or South West.

3) Buy the piece of land which is the square or rectangular shape. The land extended towards north east is promising. Extension in any other direction is not good as per Vaastu.

4) A tree with good height should be planted on the South or West side.

5) Well, boring or pond should be located in the North East direction.

6) Canal of the water should be made in such a way that water flows from south to north direction.

7) Outhouse should be in the South West location of the land area.

8) Labor quarters should be located in the West or South East side of the plot.

vastu tips for farmhouse


13 Vastu Tips for Earning Money

Everyone wants that they should be financially stable. So here are some vastu tips for earning money which can please the God of wealth Lord Kuber, so that he brings happiness in your life by steadying the financial state. Many people in the world are continuously searching for the source of money; they are striving for money and work very hard also.

Money is a valuable resource which allows you to live a comfortable life. But it is never an easy way to earn money and lead a healthy life. There are many ups and downs in life that people often become very depressed with the situation and run here or there for ways to make money. People are regularly asking for some tips in which vastu sastra can help them in earning money and leading life with comfort and pleasure. For the majority of the population, you can say it’s an endless struggle to keep your ends meet is very difficult. But small changes and modification in the house can bring prosperity to one’s life is good. Also, vastu seemed to have found the astounding results in this matter.

Here are some ways where you can increase your source of money by following some simple tips of Vastu Shastra.

  1. The south direction altitude or elevation of South must be kept in mind when you are buying the plot for business or home.
  2. Creating one door in the North East or North direction of the house may improve the money flow
  3. Always have all the water storages at North East it peace with money
  4. Keeping heavy things on the South or Southwest side of the house will bring positivity of bringing money.
  5. Similarly slanting portico towards the North side indicates good earning
  6. When there is an apartment on the Southside, then money says more time at home.
  7. West direction of the house helps to have stamina in building good money.
  8. If there is an open space towards the North direction, money is brought home.
  9. The lesser area in the South direction money ought to stay more time at home.
  10. Arrange good opening like windows and doors in the house so fresh air flows into the house. Air circulation is essential in homes.
  11. Keep Dhan Lakshmi entering the home photo at main door top.
  12. Wearing torn clothes, keeping withered flowers, dust all this will prevent Goddess Lakshmi entering the house.
  13. Northeast or East facing door also brings money.

Vastu correction with changing times and values does affect the way money comes into the house and also for the time it remains in the house. Presently humans are judged on their financial status in the society, and people are facing immense suffering if they do not have sufficient money. There are also many lucky items on sale as the people have become a craving for luck and money and the business in the name of success is also flourishing in the market.


21 Vaastu Tips for Business Wealth

vastu tips for business wealth

The main aim of the Vastu for wealth is to keep lord Kuber happy and pleased all the time. So, that he can shower his blessings like wealth and money that you ever desire. Lord Kuber is the God of wealth, and according to Vastu, we need to keep him pleased. So the solution is quite simple just follow vastu honestly to attract more money. There are many ways where you can get this information from and also at this moment we will tell you about some useful tips to make your wealthy and rich. Make sure that you follow these most accurately and specially selected money vastu tips truthfully and entirely to gain wealth and become rich.

  1. Never make any water bodies like a swimming pool or anything lower than the average ground level in the south-west corner of the home, office building or any business
  2. Avoid placing the cash locker in any other direction than south or south-west wall. Always put the cash locker close to this path. North is the direction of Lord Kuber and opening the locker in the North direction will enable him to keep it filled all the time.
  3. Never place the cash locker under the beam. It puts a lot of financial stress.
  4. Place a mirror in front of your cash closet, so that it shows the image of the closet all the time. It is symbolic that your wealth is doubled.
  5. The North-East corner should always be kept clutter free and should be kept open all the time so that wealth comes towards you. Avoid making a staircase in this portion. Never keep heavy machinery in the North-East corner of the house or office.
  6. Make sure that vastu for wealth says to avoid any high rising building in front of the North-East of your plot as this may lead to loss of wealth. If there is the presence of any high rise building, then make sure that their shadow doesn’t fall on your plot.
  7. Avoid making curved walls in the North-East corner of your boundary wall. Try instead forming right angles.
  8. Always keep the South-West portion of roof higher than North-East portion. You can say that building slope must be from SW towards NE.
  9. Try making sure that the thickness of the wall of South and West walls of the home and also boundary are higher and thicker wall than in North and East side.
  10. The plots you buy should have the same elevation that the surrounding roads. Never buy the plot which is at a lower level that road is facing it.
  11. As per vaastu for significant wealth planting of trees in South-West portion stabilizes the finance.
  12. Never plant big and high trees on the North-East side of a plot at it are an obstacle to finance.
  13. Make sure that the center of the home should remain as a free area. Never make any construction except temple in this part of the house as this is also called “Brahmsthan”.
  14. Storeroom should be in South West or West portion of the house.
  15. Always try keeping doors and windows clean. If they remain dirty, then money flow is obstructed.
  16. Replace or repair the leaking taps or faucets. Leaking of water denotes wastage and loss of money.
  17. Water fountain for vaastu for wealth should be kept in NE part
  18. The fish aquarium should be in NE portion of the living room.
  19. Decorate the main entrance of the door well lit and colored
  20. Feed water and grains to birds which attracts positive energy
  21. Purple color represents wealth so keep plants with purple colored pot.



Vaastu Tips and Best Employee Sitting Arrangement for Office

In ancient India, Vaastu Shastra was used as the architectural measure. From construction to interior designing and sitting arrangement, everything in an office can be done according to the Vaastu rules. Vaastu is not only limited to the houses and hotels but also for minute things like sitting arrangements in the office you can refer to Vaastu tips for office and enjoy the harmony and growth in the office environment. Below are some sitting arrangement as per the rules of the Vaastu for you:

  1.    Executive level employee and rest of the staff should sit in the Eastern or Northern direction.
  2.    To exactly follow the rules you must make the sitting arrangement for the field staff in Northwest direction of the office.
  3.    Accounts department of the office plays an important role hence should be located in Southeast direction of the office.
  4.    The marketing department can be best fitted in the office in Northwest portion.
  5.    All employees should face North or East direction when they are in sitting position and doing their work.
  6.    For proper Vaastu compliance, no one working in the office should sit under the beam.
  7.    All the persons under the beam, also the computers and other electronic equipment should shift in as per discussed direction in the office.
  8.    Employees who need improvement can be shifted to the Western leadership in the office.
  9.    Southeast is the best direction for pantries.
  10.    The cashier should sit in South or Southwest direction.

Correct Vaastu Without Structure Demolition or With Demolition

We build our home with so much of hard work and money, but at the end, we come to know that it was not as per the Vaastu rules because of which there is no prosperity or growth. People in the house are unwell or some or the other reason. You still can work it out. It’s mistaken belief that demolishing the existing structure is the only way of doing things. Rules of Vaastu without demolition are also possible. The ill effects of Vaastu defects can be wholly or partially removed by strategically using some devices and techniques.

Why we need to demolish when there is some remedial measures exist to cure Vaastu defects in the residential or commercial structure. Such tips for Vaastu without demolition are given below:

  1.    Mirrors: A mirror helps in enlarging any restricted or small areas and thus covers many defects. If there is Vaastu defect in Northeast direction then fixing mirror there can lessen the defect.
  2.    Wind Chimes: By hanging chimes of different melodies one can harmonies the vibration of defected area in a building.
  3.    Lighting: A house with torn corners can be cured of Vaastu defects by utilizing lights of various colors. Like the main entrance of the house should be well lit and clean.
  4.    Plants: If there is a staircase facing the main entrance then place potted plants in the staircase. The main doorway can be made positive by putting potted plants on both sides of the door.
  5.    Vaastu pyramids: Small replicas of pyramids are available and can fill the areas with positive energy by reducing the negative effect.

Common Vastu Mistakes to Avoid in Your Bungalow

A great deal of time goes when you are constructing your house. Even one small incorrect decision can shake the very foundation and creates disharmony among the elements.

Follow these simple tips while you are considering doing the interiors of your house and there will always be the vibrant atmosphere in the home.

Avoid dark colors

Colors are mood indicators. Color inside the house has a powerful effect on our moods. And the mood of a person has the power to heal or depress. Go for light colors in the room. Like, for master bedroom take the combination of blue and pink. In kid’s room, you can choose bright green or yellow. For the kitchen, you can make a choice light orange or white.

According to the Vaastu, the color that you put in your house has a significant effect on the mood swing and character of the inmates. Divide the red, black and grey color in the entrance of the house.

Avoid thorny plants

In Vaastu for bungalow plants like cactus should be avoided inside the house. Place auspicious plants like Tulsi or money plant for prosperity and happiness. Bamboo is considered very lucky both in Vastu as well as in Feng-Shui. They are considered to bring good luck and protect people of the house from evil powers.

Regarding paintings and statues

According to Vaastu for a bungalow, the pictures and statues which are kept inside the hose for decoration affect the family members of the house also. So painting or idol of Radha-Krishna or icon or painting of white swan swimming together indicates closeness and love of the couple. Avoid nude portraits, scary marks and fighting paintings with different colors.