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Expert Vaastu Consultancy Remedies Tips for Office, Home, Industry from Delhi India

Vastu consultancy in India provided by vastu expert Anil Gupta consultant in Delhi seeking vaastu tips for home, vastu tips for office, vastu-consultation advice for industry in Singapore, China, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Indore, vastu-advice for real estate construction or vastu-dosha defects and vastu remedies without demolition.

About Anil Gupta

Mr. Anil Gupta has been practicing Vastu-tenets since almost two decades successfully with detailed in-depth knowledge of positive results driven vaastu. Well experienced Vastu Consultant providing expert advice in India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and other countries giving vaastu advice for real estate construction by not letting vastu-dosha prevails or alterations vastu tips.

Vastu is an ancient Science of structures. It is basically living in harmony with nature properly studying directions (DISHA). There are essentially five elements called Panch Mahabhut i.e. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Space. In developed countries like Japan, Singapore, China and various others where strongly Vaastu Concepts are adhered before commencement of any new establishment / industrial undertakings/ residence which is called Feng-Shui, where Wind and the Water directions are seriously studied and construct the buildings to get positive aspects of this nature. Even in our country, India, Vaastu principles were being followed at the time of construction of buildings and there are various examples to quote for the buildings constructed as per Vaastu - reaping rich dividends by understanding science of direction.

Vastu Remedies Without Demolition

The famous Lord Tirumala Venkateshwara Temple at Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh India about 140 kms from Chennai is purely constructed as per Vastu-principles by famous vastukar Sh. Vishkarmaji who had been the Vaastu Consultant for Gods and it is this magnetic impact that any body offering prayer at Tirupati India gets so much attracted towards the worship idol and in fact is the richest Temple of the world. Ignorance of Vaastu is no excuse. It is for the benefit of the mankind to ascertain various directions placed itself in proper harmony otherwise lot of difficulties / tensions prevail.

In view of above, whenever any new building is to be constructed, the requirement should be laid down and a rough drawing of the plot be made out indicating North, South, West, and East by compass or at least mark correctly the East which is the point of rising sun in the morning. After knowing these the various requirements in the building, plan can be placed in the proper directions to ensure No vaastu defects nor vastu-dosha remedies would be required. This will ensure newly constructed building structure complying proper vaastu without demolition in future. However, most of the vaastu remedial measures advised for old constructed buildings are vastu-related remedies without demolition .

Should you please seek vaastu advice for new real estate construction in India or for scientific-vastu tips expert advice, please feel free to call or write.

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